TRUVOX Multiwash 240

wash, mop, scrub & dry.

Multi-purpose floor cleaning machine that will wash, mop, scrub and dry on both hard and soft floor coverings in one single pass.

• High-speed productivity
• Highly effective on “difficult” floors including:
• Non-slip safety floors
• Low pile carpets
• Escalators and travelators
• Entrance matting
• Excellent manoeuvrability and productivity
• Quiet in operation which makes it ideal for daytime cleaning & use in healthcare environments
• Accessible and removable tanks for fast filling, emptying and cleaning
• Leaves floors ready to walk on in minutes
• Choice of brushes for normal, maintenance cleaning or intensive scrubbing
• Brushes can be removed without tools

Ideal for:
• Food service areas
• Hospitals
• Nursing homes
• Retail premises
• Schools