Innovation, quality & technology 

Innovation, quality and technology, are the three drivers that gave birth to Kendall Cleantech. As with all companies, service is paramount and talk is cheap. So we´ll leave that there. Back to the 70´s, as a 7-year-old kid Bruce´s dad brought the first steam cleaners to Johannesburg to service the numerous Anglo American highrises, including the likes of Highpoint, Ponte, and other famous landmarks. The organized efficiency as teams swept through the buildings stamped their impressions in him.It is great to see how equipment and technology have moved forward, though in some cases not in huge leaps. Having spent time project managing building and fitting retail chain stores, and witnessing the “cleaning machine coming out of hiding in the dark of night scrubbing and sweeping through the Malls and buildings stirred something within and memories of the early days as a kid. It took many hours of study and research find the quality, innovative products that now forms the Kendall Cleantech inventory. The company maxim “no crap” , just service, is reflected both in the products and people of the industry.An addition, we would like to see the industry communicating more, and the sharing of experiences both good and bad. The workplace will become more challenging and professional with a forum to exchange ideas, experiences, and industry news. Through sharing techniques and information, the industry will be the beneficiary.


HI Bruce
Just thought I’d send you a quick update. The machine is working well and the team we have trained to use it have stopped looking at it sideways now. We did one of our banks offices over the weekend which are an issue usually in Winter as everyone closes doors so the next day there is a bit of a whiff but with this it was done, dry and odour free in under an hour.
They have booked twice the normal amount of carpet jobs for this weekend and one of them is in a retail shop and is filthy so we´re testing and pushing all the time.

Thanks very much for the great service so far. Not sure when we are heading down to SA again but I would like to catch up with you next time we´re in Fourways and put face to name, have chat and see what else this machine can do.
Have a great weekend
Kind Regards